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About Jenuine Treasures

Owning a small business was not a childhood dream.  I wanted to be a teacher.  I knew that was what I wanted to do since kindergarten.  I was able to accomplish that dream and had the privilege to teach for eleven years. 

I always enjoyed crafting but never thought of it as a way to make money.  One Christmas I made a large decoupaged cross for my aunt.  She was a successful artist by her own right so the fact that she hung it in her office was an honor.  And then the orders started pouring in.  First, from her friends and co-workers, and then large orders from her place of employment. 

I began doing craft shows and eventually started my own (1st and 2nd Saturday Craft and Vendor Market) in 2012.  The idea of a craft boutique started to creep into my thoughts.  Several years went by and the markets were growing, as was my crafting business.  Then my aunt passed away unexpectedly.  The cross that she proudly hung in her office was back with me.  I looked at it every day and finally created a plan.  I used a part of my inheritance from her to open Jenuine Treasures.  The ladybug on our logo is a reminder that my aunt is always with me. 


And the cross?  It proudly hangs in the boutique. 


Jenuine Treasures opened in late November 2019.  After many years of coordinating the 1st and 2nd Saturday Craft and Vendor Markets in Pasadena, we were looking for a new opportunity for our dedicated vendors to earn sales in between markets.  We found a location in Old Seabrook that was perfect for a craft boutique and an outdoor craft market.

It has always been the goal that Jenuine Treasures allow vendors the opportunity to sell their products in a storefront setting.  This goal allows for two unique outcomes.  First, we offer vendors the convenience of having their items available for purchase daily instead of just during weekend markets.  Because they do not have to be at the boutique, they have the freedom to be with family and attend to other weekday obligations.  For shoppers, Jenuine Treasures becomes a unique experience no matter when they stop in because the products are always changing.  They are always guaranteed to find something new or even something that they hadn’t noticed on a previous visit.

In 2020 we launched Market Day at Jenuine Treasures and in 2021 we added Craft Classes to our monthly schedule.  As we continue to grow, we continue to add more events.

None of this would be possible without our vendors.  We are extremely honored to have them on this journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the boutique.  Your support of small business does not go unnoticed.

- Jennifer Pitts

  Owner, Jenuine Treasures

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